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He Lifted Me

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Lyrics and Music: Charles H. Gabriel

In loving-kindness Jesus came,
My soul in mercy to reclaim,
And from the depths of sin and shame
Through grace He lifted me.

From sinking sand He lifted me,
With tender hand He lifted me;
From shades of night to plains of light,
Oh, praise His Name, He lifted me!

He called me long before I heard,
Before my sinful heart was stirred,
But when I took Him at His word,
Forgiv’n, He lifted me.

His brow was pierced with many a thorn,
His hands by cruel nails were torn,
When from my guilt and grief, forlorn,
In love He lifted me.

Now on a higher plane I dwell,
And with my soul I know ’tis well;
Yet how or why, I cannot tell,
He should have lifted me.


They That Wait Upon The Lord

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Here’s a hymn which is quite military sounding in nature and based on Isa40:31. It can be found in #753 of the Sacred Songs and Solos hymnal compiled by Ira Sankey.

It’s an old hymn but it is new to me. I hope you like these two stanzas which I have rendered.

Lyrics and Music: James McGranahan

Ho, reapers in
the whitened harvest!
Oft feeble, faint and few;
Come, wait upon
the blessed Master,
Our strength He will renew.

For “they that wait upon the Lord
shall renew their strength,
they shall mount up with wings,
they shall mount up with wings
as eagles,
They shall run and not be weary;
they shall walk and not faint;
They shall run and not be weary;
they shall walk and not faint;
They shall run and not be weary,
shall walk and not faint.”

Too oft aweary and discouraged,
We pour a sad complaint;
Believing in a living Saviour,
Why should we ever faint?

Rejoice! For He is with us alway,
Lo, even to the end!
Look up!
Take courage and go forward—
All needed grace He’ll send!


Face To Face

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Lyrics: Carrie E. Breck
Music: Grant Colfax Tullar

Face to face with Christ my Savior,
Face to face, what will it be,
When with rapture I behold Him,
Jesus Christ, who died for me?

Face to face shall I behold Him,
Far beyond the starry sky;
Face to face in all His glory
I shall see Him by and by!

Only faintly now I see Him,
With the darkening veil between,
But a blessed day is coming,
When His glory shall be seen.

What rejoicing in His presence,
When are banished grief and pain;
When the crooked ways are straightened,
And the dark things shall be plain!

Face to face! oh, blissful moment!
Face to face to see and know;
Face to face with my Redeemer,
Jesus Christ, who loves me so.


Keep On Believing

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

This is one of my personal favourites. It is an encouraging hymn amidst trying times. Some more information about this hymn over here.

Lyrics: Lucy Milward Booth, Mildred Duff
Music: Lucy Milward Booth

When you feel weakest, dangers surround,
Subtle temptations, troubles abound,
Nothing seems hopeful, nothing seems glad.
All is despairing ; oftentimes sad.

Keep on believing, Jesus is near.
Keep on believing, there’s nothing to fear ;
Keep on believing, this is the way :
Faith in the night as well as the day.

If all were easy, if all were bright.
Where would the cross be ? where would the fight ?
But in the hardness God gives to you
Chances of proving that you are true.

God is your wisdom, God is your might ;
God’s ever near you, guiding the right ;
He understands you, knows all you need ;
Trusting in Him you’ll surely succeed.

Let us press on, then ; never despair !
Live above feeling, victory’s there ;
Jesus can keep us so near to Him,
That nevermore our faith shall grow dim.


Whosoever Will

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Lyrics and Music: Philip P. Bliss

“Whosoever heareth,” shout, shout the sound!
Spread the blessed tidings all the world around;
Spread the joyful news wherever man is found;
“Whosoever will may come.”

“Whosoever will, whosoever will,”
Send the proclamation over vale and hill;
’Tis a loving Father, calls the wanderer home:
“Whosoever will, may come.”

Whosoever cometh need not delay,
Now the door is open, enter while you may;
Jesus is the true, the only Living Way;
“Whosoever will may come.”

“Whosoever will,” the promise secure,
“Whosoever will,” forever must endure;
“Whosoever will,” ’tis life forevermore:
“Whosoever will may come.”