Isn’t He Wonderful


This wonderful chorus is a favourite amongst Ju Eng Home residents. I play the piano there once a month for their chapel service. I’m just wondering who the author of this chorus was.

Lyrics and Music: Anonymous

Isn’t He Wonderful, Isn’t He Wonderful
Isn’t Jesus my Lord Wonderful!
Eyes have seen, ears have heard
It’s recorded in God’s Word
Isn’t Jesus my Lord Wonderful!

Replace “Wonderful” with “Marvellous”, “the Prince of Peace”, “the Mighty God” for subsequent verses.


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8 Responses to “Isn’t He Wonderful”

  1. Alan says:

    Herbert Buffum, early 1900’s

  2. Esdras says:

    In portuguese:

    Majestoso é Jesus, é Jesus, é Jesus,
    Majestoso é Jesus, Rei dos reis.
    O poder Deus Lhe deu, quer na terra, quer nos céus;
    Majestoso é Jesus, Rei dos reis.


  3. Derrick says:

    We translated this into French years ago and now sing it in both English and French alternately:

    Merveilleux, merveilleux, merveilleux, merveilleux,
    N’est-Il pas merveilleux, mon Sauveur?
    Ce que les yeux ont vu, les oreilles entendu,
    C’est décrit dans la parole de Dieu !


  4. suzette says:

    In PILIPINO translation (Philippine National Language-Tagalog is a dialect)

    Tunay na mahiwaga, tunay na mahiwaga
    Si Hesus tunay na mahiwaga
    Matang nakakakita, taingang nakaririnig
    Si Hesus tunay na mahiwaga.

  5. rachel says:

    Do you have a chinese translation for this? I am working on a Sunday School lesson on Chriitianity in China and want to teach this song in Chinese.

  6. qizhi says:

    To Rachel:


  7. normel says:

    pls. give me the other language of this song

  8. Sue says:

    The words are a little wrong in the first post.

    Isn’t he wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
    Isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful.
    Eyes have seen, ears have heard,
    Tis recorded in God’s word,
    Isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful.

    I LOVE this song.

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